What is the eastern spiritual enlightenment?

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Eastern mysticism and philosophy talks about a spiritual enlightenment of human being.All the eastern philosophies explain that there is a absolute truth or eternal consciousness which have to experiencef/attained,otherwise you will reincarnate again and again.So,according to them If you want a happy life in your next life after death then you have to do good works like charity.But that too is not enough If you want to attain truth.Meditation is the only way to know and experience that truth,then you also become that truth then your self will disappear.Then If there is only emptiness then what is difference between atheism and eastern enlightenment?
They may be talking about the nonexistence of the self which is by product of body and society etc.
And eastern philosophies are contradictory to each other.But they have same opinion about the spiritual enlightenment.
They all agree with reincarnation,but they have no proofs.They don’t have answer that how millions of souls are coming to earth,so what is the emptiness they talking about?
What is the speciality in that emptiness and the human non existence after death?
What is the views on this matter according to psychology and answer it with spiritual knowledge If you know..


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Mike Boatright


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