what is your thoughts as me and my spiritual journey i cant stress that Christianity cant be the first or real. based upon Egyptian knowledge if you understand what im saying whats you throes or thought upon this.,.
please don’t criticism about what you think or know what is the truth is. just give your honest spiritual enlightenment ideas and journeys that you have experienced..don’t bring religion into this.


How can someone not bring religion into this when religion is what this question is all about? It’s impossible to separate religion from spirituality.

Yes, based on that “Egyptian knowledge” I understand what you mean, having been an Agnostic for many years. My spiritual journey brought me back around to face the exclusive claim of Christianity (1). It was not about having something to live for, the fear of hell or death, etc. that lead me down this path. I was looking for enlightenment, to truly understand the core tenets of Christianity, not it’s various religious and denominational beliefs.

If there was a God, I wanted to find Him or the way to come to Him. It was during this time that the living God touched my heart and forever changed my life. It was not something that I was consciously trying to bring about, but rather a happening, an experience. I had a heartfelt conviction of the sin in my life and felt the need to seek repentance. My life had changed from that point on, in ways that were amazing and sometimes are hard to describe. One of the things that surprised me was the revelation that He was there, with and for me, even before I believed through this experience.

One would think that this experience alone would be enough, to know there is a God and that I was “saved” because of Jesus Christ. It was just the beginning of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life. A little faith in the possibility has led to a complete trust (faith) in the living God. It’s been over 25 years now, yet everyday it is renewed, becomes more complete as I love and rest in Him. Things I had dismissed before… like healings and answered prayer… I have seen. I know now that it is not the following of static rules and religion… it is having an active, dynamic and loving relationship with the living God. I now know that love, for God and for other people, is why we exist and the reason for our being.

Things I once put faith in… evolution, science, self, etc. became partial pieces of the whole. More importantly, that missing something that I had felt which drove my spiritual journeys had disappeared, it had finally ended. The void in my life was filled by what I have come to know as the only thing that will fill it… the presence of God in my life… His Holy Spirit. He has made me whole and complete.

People experience this being “born again” in many different way and because of many different things. The thing is… love is by it’s nature an act of our own free will. It has to be given, not commanded or demanded… that would only be obedience. God loves us all, that is why He sent Jesus to establish a new covenant with mankind. That is why He is the only and exclusive way God has provided for us. Repentance itself is an act of our love. Forgiveness is an act of His, by which our relationship is restored with Him. This is the central tenet, what Christianity is really all about.

I’m looking for some kind of religious or cultural symbol that represents spiritual enlightenment. Any ideas? Thanks!


I just found I whole website full of what you’re asking for. http://www.world-enlightenment.com/Circle-Symbols/Circle-Symbols.htm

there you go =]

I am interested in people who had a genuine spiritual enlightenment experience. Please write in with your stories.


This is a long story. I wasn’t brought up religious, never Christened and only learned about religion through school, prayed and sang hymns in assembly. For a short period, I think only for a few weeks I did go to Sunday school, my parents marriage was on the rocks and they started attending church. My mother’s a lapsed catholic and hated her catholic upbringing. She deliberately choose not to bring up me and my brother with any religion. We did however say grace at Sunday dinner. Yet, when she bought me a childhood version of the Bible I read it intensely. I would kneel beside my bed at night and pray and at one point had a crucifix over my bed which I asked my parents to put on the wall. It seems I was naturally inclined to religion but never got the chance to fulfil the inclination. I had problems in my childhood that was thought to be from a difficult birth and was labelled by some as backwards, poor co-ordination and general developmental delay. No one knew that I had a biological time bomb that would go off in my teens. We moved around different countries, Rhodesia and Canada. I was a normal teenager except strangely asexual, I looked normal but never developed a sex urge so to speak. Some of my friends said I was just a late developer but I nearly 50 now and it still hasn’t happened. At 18 I had a bit of a lump pocking out from half way down my back and then I fell head over heels down stairs. Well, no one knows what really happened except my body went crazy. I had massive sensory distortion, became photophobic, ice cold all the time, my personality changed, I had hot sweats, cold sweat, horrific leg cramsp, abdominal cramps, loss of memory, balance and co ordination problems, I became violent at times. I’ve always been a bit psychic, had premonitions and a bit of telepathy, but during this period the psychic ability whent crazy, I even had one experience of psycho kenesis and once saw my own aura. Anyway, how long that period lasted I don’t know to this day, probably a good few months. I never really recovered from it until years later. However, when I had recoverd from the worst of these undiagnosed symptoms my parents took me on holiday to europe. I discovered votive candles and started lighting them and praying as we visited different cathedrals in different countries. We came back to Wales finally and stayed with my grandmother before returning to Canada. While there we visited St David’s cathedral. St David is the patron saint of Wales and I am Welsh. Well, I was confussed and frightened by what I had experienced in the illness and after we came out of the cathedral I went back in alone to pray. I prayed for guidance. This prayer was different from any I had ever made. It seemd at the time my whole body was crying out to God. I think God heard because when I went back to my grandmothers house and upstairs to my bedroom I had a spritual experience. I was sitting alone in the room looking out of the window and expeienced what I call a transcendent experience. It came on fairly quickly, I saw the room 360 degrees all at the same time in intricate detail and experienced myself in the whole room, the room looked lighter as if there was sunlight, even in the darker corners. There was absolutely no sense of time, I felt perfectly at peace, serene and there was this incredibe love permeating the whole room. I was part of this love and part of the room but the love was not from me but something other than me that was also in the room. I believe it was God. I can’t say how long that experience lasted, probably only minutres, but afterwards I was speachless for a short while and shocked for months afterwards. I remember sitting on the plane back to Canada and looking at the perfect blue sky and down on the white cloud cover and thinking “God, I know God exists, God really exists.” Well, I thought and thought and tried to rationalize the experience for months but exhausted I gave up. The only thing I figured out was that I definatly wasn’t a Christian, didn’t believe Jesus was the son of God but absolutely certain he did exist. For years my life threw one problem after another and I kept on having funny symptoms, excessive sweating, sudden tierdness, occasional flushes and tremors. I went back and for to the Doctors with no result. On returning to Britain I trained as a nurse after a while. I thought I was healthy enough to do the work, but was wrong about that. While training the symptoms became increasingly sever, the psychic stuff returned flooding me with loads of premonitions, I had some very strange spiritual experiences and often knew God was present. I could shift my consciousness with little effort into a state where I would have premonitions, but it seemed that God was trying to persuade me not to do that. The illness caused quite a bit of pain and suffering and this was an escape from it. Despite the illness I qualified and worked as a nurse. Four years later I was diagnosed with a large fluid filled tumor half the size of my abdomen, crushing my organs. This had taken decades to grow. How I did my nurses training with this inside me and why I didn’t die long before is an unknown. I had a 6 hour operation to remove it and to rearrange my displaced and crushed organs. I have found out since that during that time I wrote a diary that was stolen and sold off to the media and has been used in many tv seris and films in both UK and USA. Scientists have looked into the illness and psychic ability and confirmed these things happened and frankly many, many people now know what they didn’t before, that certain things are possible. The connection between quantum physics and psychic ability talked about over the last 10 years is because of me and what has been discovered concerning what happened to me. It’s strange that although I can’t remember what I wrote exactly I do remember I felt an obligation to write and a great sense of an impending destiny and a commitment to the future.

With so much hype being assembled from the "holy-grail" of weight loss-supplements known as garcinia cambogia, it’s maybe not surprising why lots of people are getting solicited. One inquiry that people have is that, what’s the secret behind this supplement? Depending on the studies by medical pros, it’s the hydroxycitric acid in malabar tamarind that assisted it make its standing.

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With all the positive outcomes that brindleberry provides, there continue to be cases when it’s not best to take it. For example, people experiencing dementia and alzheimers are suggested against its consumption. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding also needs to avoid it because there is no enough proof to aid its security in their opinion.

The acid in gamboge tree must have no adverse effects in the body, if used in accordance with its suggested dosage. It is usually taken 3 times a day, just before meals for optimal results. Specialists guide though against going beyond a total of 3000mg per day. If you have any second thoughts about it, you ought to ensure that you request your physician about this first.

You also ought to consider the hydroxycitric acid in brindleberry a nutritional supplement has. Ideally, it needs to be 50% at the minimum. Too make sure you read the list of ingredients – it should not have caffeine, niacin, binders, fillers, as well as other man-made stuff.

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You may even need to look into mezzanine racking systems – they are built to resemble another floor within your Hong Kong warehouse, offering you enough storage space that can either be roll formed, structural, rack supported, or shelf-supported. Like pallet racks, it also effectively makes use of the aerial room of the warehouse.

For really extended items such as aluminum sheets, PVC conduits, timber, and plywood sheets, utilizing the cantilever racking system is the ideal choice. It’s composed of the vertical column, arms, foundation, and cross bracing. As a space efficient and cost effective storage structure, cantilever racks could also be altered to meet the storage needs of your Hong Kong warehouse.

Exactly what moringa oleifera benefits can you get from consuming moringa tree products on a regular basis? It’s actually a legitimate question to ask. Naturally, moringa products are all over the marketplace today. There are actually pills and teas made from moringa. You can get soaps and beauty products made from moringa also. As a result what’s so good about moringa oleifera that people are getting wild about that? There has to be a contributing factor precisely why individuals believe this specific tree is remarkable just enough to be able to refer to it as among the list of freshest wonder plants of today.

There is certainly really a few fact towards the moringa tea benefits you could have discovered. Any tree in which comes from the particular Himalayan region, the moringa has always been element of the culinary and then nutritional tradition of both South Asia along with Southeast Asia. Folks in Africa along with South America likewise grew this tree during the efforts to lessen poor nutrition not to mention lower income. Should the documented moringa oleifera benefits are typically just hype, the idea definitely won’t be just as frequently used across the world simply because it has been for thousands of years.

Afterward, just what benefits is it possible to anticipate to receive from utilizing moringa goods of any kind? One of these simple advantages you will acquire by using moringa goods on a regular basis is perhaps you can hit the particular stop in your aging. Moringa is actually chockfull of antioxidants. Antioxidants assist mend destruction of body cells as well as recover right function to numerous significant internal organs. Given that your internal organs are operating like they ought to, you will stay youthful.

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These are only some of the numerous positive aspects you can acquire out of doing moringa oleifera consumption a part of your wellbeing strategy. There is indeed some reality into the claims you could have heard. You will certainly experience improved wellness along with moringa oleifera benefits.

Before you proceed with your purchase of a domain name for your firm’s website, you need to give this question some consideration first: Is your preferred domain name the ideal one for your firm? Many novice webpage owners commit the blunder of not thinking their domain name thoroughly just before buying it. It’s quite possible that the domain name doesn’t precisely express the website’s purpose. The domain name is likely to be not valuable to search engines. Or maybe the domain name has recently been around previously and has associations that will negatively impact the business’s popularity. It won’t be a surprise at all that these rookie webmasters would only discover their error when the webpage is already online and it has become extremely hard to turn back.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you should be cautious regarding making a choice on your domain name first before you make your purchase. You don’t want to purchase domain name and then be sorry at a later point merely because you’ve noticed you’ve made the inappropriate choice. It is going to save you a whole lot of difficulties in the end if you think about a few elements first.

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And last of all, you should think about buying a .com top-level domain. A .com domain is steeply priced, but it sounds significantly more competent than the cheaper .info or .biz domains. Also, the cheap domains are commonly affiliated with spammers.

These are the factors you have to think about prior to purchasing a domain name. Please keep in mind that the life of your web page and the integrity of your organization will be significantly impacted by your choice of domain name. Therefore, before you purchase a domain name, ensure you have spent significantly of serious consideration first.

Are there any advantages you will get from obtaining sonography training assuming you have a career in the health care field, or possibly wondering about stepping into a medical community? If you gain training on operating ultrasound machines, you make yourself more effective in the job market, as well as boost up your significance at the work environment. Hospitals and imaging facilities will always be on the lookout for competent ultrasound technologists. Definitely an admission stating you’ve got ultrasound tech training will certainly make your resume look nice. Much better employment opportunities will be open to you,for sure.

So, just how much will having proper sonographer training and certification raise your envisioned profits? It won’t be uncommon that you should receive around $40,000 a year in case you are skilled being an ultrasound technologist. That figure may differ with regards to the medical facility and the site in which the technician works. Nonetheless, Skilled sonographers taking up management jobs, on the contrary, will get about $80,000 a year.

Training being a sonographer does not mean you happen to be especially a sonographer in anyway likewise. You may be a nurse or possibly a full-fledged doctor who actually just looks at the education to become a part of their continuing education. In that case, then sonographer training needs to be viewed as a type of commitment on yourself.

You havea number of options with regards to getting the schooling you require to end up being an ultrasound technologist. One, you can focus on your studies full time. This is the most suitable choice to take if you’ve recently graduated from secondary school or if you could take a extended leave of absence from your employment. Secondly, it is possible to be a part-time pupil. Pursuing your studies part-time is a wise alternative to take if you’re unable to abandon your work so you could go to a training institute. Third, you can seek out web based courses instead. Taking your curriculum on the internet is a great choice you’ll be able to decide on if you’re too pre-occupied to spare some time for traditional training sessions. It shouldn’t be hard for you to get time for web-based training in your packed calendar.

There are also a number of alternatives you should think of in relation to the degree of sonographer training you’re going to consider. If you need to have to find work right away, concluding a diploma program or an associate degree may perhaps be enough for you. Moreover, a diploma program is all you need if you merely want to boost your medical vocation with continuing education. If you’re a fresh entry into the field, though, and planning to go forward in your career immediately, you ought to go after a bachelor’s degree alternatively.

Don’t just decide on for any college or university during your search for a great place to consider your ultrasound tech training. Remember, you are making an investment on yourself; so make the best investment that it is possible to afford to make. How do you determine what schools provide the highest quality programs? You should only contemplate enlisting at schools where the quantity of college students surpassing certification exams is consistently high yearly. You can quickly acquire this information from the establishments that award these accreditations.

It will certainly give you plenty of positive aspects in your pursuit to get great job opportunities in the health care industry if you’ve got ultrasound tech training. Medical establishments are always in need of qualified sonographers and are more than willing to pay good money for top quality services. There’s no question regarding it – you should invest in yourself with sonographer training if you want to enjoy a successful healthcare occupation down the road.

Getting balanced education and training should be your priority if you desire to do well in your profession as a pharmacy technician. You will be able to find educational programs in pharmacy technician schools and can also give you sufficient help and advice too. As you have a lot of choices with regards to educational institutions, it becomes required to investigate meticulously about them so that you will end up having the one which offers superior quality schooling at a reasonably priced price. It is advisable that you create a preliminary listing of schools and then narrow down your checklist by considering numerous aspects in the following paragraphs.

In case you have elected that you’ll undertake the pharmacy technician career, it is preferable that you seek formalized instruction and coaching first. For you to take advantage of the training you require, you will have to check out different pharmacy technician schools. With the amount of schools you can choose from, it is a wise decision to execute a research about them to be able to identify the one that can present you with top quality and cost-effective instruction. You could start by making a short list of schools that look like great selections and then evaluate each one according to many elements that are stated here.

The most important thing you need to look out for in a school of pharmacy technician is accreditation in their schooling courses. The reason accreditation critical is that it provides you with confidence that the schooling you’ll get is approved and standardized by established institutions. You will be able to obtain educational facilities with accredited learning courses via the site of the American Association of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP). Location of the university is as well worth taking into consideration, and it could be optimal to go to one that is in close proximity your own home or business office. Make sure that you give some thought to the amount of the tuition fee is and review if you’re in a position of having to pay for it.

You must get a training program that delivers a fitting class routine. For people with work throughout the day or have children to look after, campus-based education might not be your best option. This can be a wonderful time to find out about a school’s web-based training curriculum alternatives. An internet based training course presents comfort to very busy people that still would like to setup their profession as a pharmacy technician. Similar to typical schooling programs, certification should always be present in web-based programs. Clinical instruction or internship is a valuable part of any training curriculum and you should ensure it is provided.

You might want to learn what other folks have to mention about the pharmacy technician schools you intend on enrolling in. Your best option in this case is the world wide web and you should check out blog sites, social networking sites, and forums. It might also be a decent thought to come in contact with several graduates of the institution and consult them concerning their memories and how it has helped them in their employment. Ensure you also talk with school staff to get more information regarding class size, entry essentials, financial aid opportunities, and course outline. If at all possible, be sure to make time in visiting the school website as well.

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